As we all know, cell phones has become very much part of our modern lives. In this article will I explain how one can add some character to your phone by adding some accessories. The most popular accessories for your cell phone include; skins, cases and charms. And these are just to mention a few. One would have never thought that a cell phone can become a fashion statement as well.

People, old and young are nowadays carrying phones as part of their dress code and fashion sense. Studies have shown that people are nowadays buying phones with two main criteria, the style and the ability to pimp it out with some bling.

1) Cell Phone cases: A cell phone case is like a women’s purse, it should also reflect your style and sense of fashion, and carries something with much value. Most of your upper class fashion labels are now also making cases for cell phones. You will find that there are hundreds of different styles and colours to choose from. A nice feature of these accessories is that you can buy them to match your cloths etc.

2) Crystal cases: If you are not interested in a normal leather case for your mobile, then I would suggest that you look at the crystal cases. Not only does it provide protection against impact and water, but it will certainly tell something about your style. These cases come in various colours and styles, from plain see-through colours right through to some crystal covered items of bling. If you are one of those girls who just cannot go without your bling then I would strongly suggest that you look into these cases. There are thousands of styles available, definitely something for anybody to choose from.

3) Cell Phone with charms: We all know that key chain decorations have become very popular over the pas few years. We could have quest that they will soon bring some charms for cell phones out soon, and they did. You are now able to hang something from your phone that resembles something about you. If you like surfing, skating, sport, horoscopes or cars, name it, there is something to suite your personality.

4) Portable keyboards: These little gadgets have become very popular. A portable keyboard allows you to turn your cell phone into a laptop, maybe not with all the features, but definitely the feeling of it. Some of us hate to use a touch screen, now this would be the solution to your problem. Look at what models are able to work with these devices; it might just be something that you would love.

5) Cool skins for your mobile phone: I have seen that this is getting very popular nowadays. Although a skin won’t provide as much protection to your phone as a pouch, will it definitely add some bling to your phone. I have seen that some companies will even allow you to send in your design for your phone, thus making your phone unique and glamorous.

The above mentioned is just to name a few methods of how you can pimp your phone to fit in with your style. Why keep your cell phone boring and plain? Explore the different ways of which you can add some additional style to your current style. The possibilities are endless.

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