International Dialing Codes

For many people, international dialing is a bit confusing and sometimes frightening. Most often, the person you are trying to contact will give you their international number which you can simply dial without having to think about it. If, however, you have the local number of someone in another county, you might have to do a bit of investigation.

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9 Ways to Avoid Shocking Cell Phone Bills Overseas

Avoid nasty surprises when travelling with your cell phone.

You may have read in the media or overheard people at social events talking about going overseas for a holiday or a business trip only to return to find their cell phone bills running into thousands of Rands, much to their shock and disbelief.

Taking and using your cell phone overseas, commonly called international roaming, is one of the fastest ways to rack up an extremely high cell phone bill. It is difficult to keep track of and even know what your cell phone bill will add up to.

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The best and worst mobile phones in South Africa

The best and worst mobile phone is always a contentious topic of conversation and there will almost certainly be those who will disagree with any best and worst lists. This article will be no different. However, based on consumer feedback of the various devices listed below, these are a few of the best and worst (most disappointing) mobile phones which have been released recently.


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What Study On Cellphones And Cancer Found

This is a question which has been asked for years and despite many years of intense research, there is, unfortunately, no definitive answer on the subject. There have been some studies released, one study on rats and mice. The reports seem to indicate that any inherent risk is a small.

The recent studies of the effects of radiation that cell phones emit were conducted over ten years costing in the region of 25 million dollars and are considered to be the most comprehensive and extensive studies to date.
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What happens when your cell phone contract expires?

Cell Phone Contract Expire

The majority of cell phone contracts are 24 months although there are shorter options and 36 months contracts. The shorter the contract period, the more you will pay for your handset or whatever hardware you take with the contract.

On a 6 or 12 month contract, for example, you will either pay a hefty fee upfront or much higher monthly charges for the hardware fee or both. These costs would be less on a 24-month contract and even less if taken over 36 months.
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Instructions: How to cancel your contract

Getting out of a cell phone contract used to be extremely difficult.

Most of the time you had no choice but to ride out the full term of the cell phone contract, in many cases, these were 24 months.

Thereafter you were obliged to give notice of your intention to cancel the agreement. Thankfully, this is no longer the case and canceling a cell phone contract is easier today.

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Cell Phone Contracts And Your Rights

We all know how to get a cell phone contract, but none of us know what are rights are…

The consumer protection act (CPA) has been in force for many years now but there is still a lot of ignorance on the side of the consumer as well as certain businesses. Some businesses are perhaps not ignorant but chose to ignore the rules of the CPA.

The CPA was designed to give consumers reasonable, honest and fair treatment in their business dealings.
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How Cell Phone Contracts Work

How cell phone contract work

Confused when it comes to cell phone contracts?

You are not alone…

Sit down, get comfortable, we are going to be here for a while. Let me explain how cell phone contracts work.

Ok, seriously, this will not take too long…
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Prepaid vs Contract Cell Phone Contracts

Contract vs prepaid

It’s a conversation we have all had at some time or another. Which is better, a contract with a cell phone service provider, or going the prepaid route. Well, as with everything today, there are the pros and the cons associated with whichever way you wish to go. Let's have a look at the various pros and cons of having a cell phone contract and prepaid. When it comes to a cell phone contract, it must be noted that not all service providers are alike and there may be different terms, conditions and options for you to consider.
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Working out how much your phone actually cost in your contract

Smart Phones

The cellphone market has seen many changes since it was launched in South Africa late 1994. At that time, there were only really two types of contracts and you were still required to pay a substantial amount upfront for a phone. Calls were expensive, coverage was spotty and you had to the phones on the market left a lot to be desired.
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