SA cellphone users will soon be allowed to carry over unused data

  • Good news for mobile data users.
  • One of the positive changes to come out of the recent pressure placed on ICASA and the government is the carry-over of unused data.
  • Until recently, consumers would lose any unused data at month end. Despite having paid forfeit, they would simply forfeit any data that had not been consumed.

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Is Cellphone Insurance A Wise Choice?

When you sign a two-year cell phone contract the cost of the phone is heavily subsidised. The more expensive the contract, the higher the subsidy. As a result, people often do not appreciate the true value of their phone until something happens and they need to replace it.

A top of the range phone will cost close to R20 000 to replace and the average phone is around R 10 000. Sure, there are less expensive phones available but that means you are going to have to wait out the remainder of your contract with an inferior phone should something happen to the handset. Given how reliant we are on our phones these days for work and leisure, sacrificing the quality and features of the latest phone is not a pleasant experience.

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Worst Apps that drain your data

The evolution of the smartphone has been incredible. They have become faster, more powerful and much more useful. We depend on them for a wide range of tasks and functions and many of these work through apps.

As data has become faster the apps have become more powerful and more useful. The downside to this is many apps drain our data plans quickly. While data has come down in price it is still fairly expansive in South Africa and unnecessary data usage can be a costly mistake.

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Best camera phones on the market

Trying to find the best camera phone these days is difficult at best. There are so many smartphone brands on the market, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be quite daunting.

Selecting a smartphone is very much about personal taste and what functionality you desire from your smart camera phone. Take the time to think about what you need from your camera phone.

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How we get ripped off on Data Costs

It is no secret that mobile data costs in South Africa have always been high. Consumers have been complaining for some time and this recently came to a head in 2017 with the #DataMustFall movement. Finally, parliament listened and started to put pressure on governing body ICASA to implement changes. To an extent, this has happened but there is still a long way to go.

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International Dialing Codes

For many people, international dialing is a bit confusing and sometimes frightening. Most often, the person you are trying to contact will give you their international number which you can simply dial without having to think about it. If, however, you have the local number of someone in another county, you might have to do a bit of investigation.

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9 Ways to Avoid Shocking Cell Phone Bills Overseas

Avoid nasty surprises when travelling with your cell phone.

You may have read in the media or overheard people at social events talking about going overseas for a holiday or a business trip only to return to find their cell phone bills running into thousands of Rands, much to their shock and disbelief.

Taking and using your cell phone overseas, commonly called international roaming, is one of the fastest ways to rack up an extremely high cell phone bill. It is difficult to keep track of and even know what your cell phone bill will add up to.

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The best and worst mobile phones in South Africa

The best and worst mobile phone is always a contentious topic of conversation and there will almost certainly be those who will disagree with any best and worst lists. This article will be no different. However, based on consumer feedback of the various devices listed below, these are a few of the best and worst (most disappointing) mobile phones which have been released recently.


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What Study On Cellphones And Cancer Found

This is a question which has been asked for years and despite many years of intense research, there is, unfortunately, no definitive answer on the subject. There have been some studies released, one study on rats and mice. The reports seem to indicate that any inherent risk is a small.

The recent studies of the effects of radiation that cell phones emit were conducted over ten years costing in the region of 25 million dollars and are considered to be the most comprehensive and extensive studies to date.
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What happens when your cell phone contract expires?

Cell Phone Contract Expire

The majority of cell phone contracts are 24 months although there are shorter options and 36 months contracts. The shorter the contract period, the more you will pay for your handset or whatever hardware you take with the contract.

On a 6 or 12 month contract, for example, you will either pay a hefty fee upfront or much higher monthly charges for the hardware fee or both. These costs would be less on a 24-month contract and even less if taken over 36 months.
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