So you’re looking at certain cell phones made by cell phone companies in South Africa, and there may be some phones that jump out at you and make you want to go out and sign a contract. While getting a cell phone from a certain company may seem like a total deal, make sure that you are reading all of the fine print before you get your cell phone and sign on the signature line.

If you didn’t read the fine print on your new cell phone contract before you signed it, then you need to read it immediately after getting your phone, as this will protect you and help you to avoid charges that can occur with the fine print. Fine print contracts for cell phones can be a slippery slope, and you need to know every scrap of information that the contract says, because when you sign the contract, you are responsible for whatever it says, whether you agree with it or not. It’s best to know right away what you’re getting yourself into, as this can be a big waste of time, money and frustration if you don’t. You are held accountable for each item in the contract, so make sure that you are aware of this from the very beginning.

And these pieces of fine print can lead to what is called “hidden fees” which like the name implies, means that these are fees that you may not be aware of, that can really wrack up your bill. These hidden fees can come from a variety of sources and clauses in the fine print of your cell phone contract, and will impact the amount overall that you pay for your cell phone, which is especially the case when you consider calling and Internet service charges. If you think that you’ve purchased a highly affordable calling plan for your phone, you may be interested to know that the contract you’ve signed up for may allow you to limitlessly make these calls, but you are going to pay multiple fees and taxes on your bill – which will add up big time.

When you are going to get your cell phone from a company under an advertised rate that is flat, you’re going to see that these South African cell phone companies do not relay all of those little extra costs to you, instead putting it in the small fine print, which leads to customers who feel cheated and lied to. There are currently groups out there that focus on consumer protection that advocate for changes to be made, requiring all fine print to be discussed, and that everything is laid out in honest terms, advocating also that all cell phone consumers make sure to read the fine print.

If you want to pay the price that you actually think you are paying, without all of the fees and little clauses that can cause issues in the long run, and then take the time to pore over the fine print. It will make a big difference, and this will allow you to get the plan you actually want.

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