With mobile telecommunications imbedded in the workplace in modern society, is it important that you know what impact it has on our businesses in South Africa. It is clear that cell phones have made work more productive and sufficient. In this article will I explain how cell phones are having a positive influence on our businesses of today.

We have seen that more and more cell phones are launched with full internet access, thus making phone calls not the only medium for basic communications on a cell phone. Mobile data has proven itself to be the only form of communication which is necessary for day to day business communications. We can now use our internet on our cell phones to send and receive voice calls, which is also better known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). With this technology available in cell phones nowadays, is it clear that companies can improve the production and mobility of their enterprises. Thanks to this new technology, companies are now able to share information from anywhere in the world at any given time. Companies are even able to have conference calls from anywhere on the globe.

In most cases will you find that employees own their own smart phones, due to the low costs, but we have also seen that companies provide their employees with smart phones to expand the portability of their work force. The challenge is that companies should try to keep their cell phone bills to a minimum, in order to save some money. That is why people are making use of mobile VoIP or WI-FI internet connections to keep the costs as low as possible. We can see how the popularity of these technologies is improving because of how economic it can be.

All the major cell phone network providers of South Africa are giving internet data bundles with all of their smart phones. Connections are not a problem in South Africa at the moment, thus increasing company portability tremendously. If your company has Voice over Internet Protocol technologies implemented in the company, then will you be able to enjoy the full portability and functionalities of your smart phone. You can then easily do conference calls and record phone calls in a very costly manner.

It is amazing to see how technology is advancing day by day. It is our duty to be clued up on these advancements as it will have numerous benefits for our selves and in our work environments. I believe that in the near future all companies will enjoy the benefits of which cell phones can give us in the workplace.

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