In modern times where technology has become an integrated part of life, having a cell phone is a necessity, as there are various situations and emergencies that can come up where you need to be able to get in touch with someone, and this normally requires a cell phone. Even for normal day to day conversations to our loved ones and friends, it has become a must have that many people just can’t live without. But if you are blacklisted in South Africa, then you’re going to have a hard time getting a cell phone the normal route. Sometimes a poor credit score can be the only things stopping you from getting the phone that you want which is a difficult thing to deal with.

If you have ever had a poor ITC score, or were marked as blacklisted for a financial mistake or issue in your past, then you may not be eligible to get a cell phone like others, and it may take application after application of denials to figure out that this is the issue. Even if you feel like you’re going to give up, don’t, as you still have ways to go out and get your very own cell phone, despite any bad credit history or your name on the blacklist. You may have many questions as to how this is possible, but there are companies out there in South Africa who work exclusively with people who have been blacklisted and work with people who have had issue with their finances in the past.

These companies have actually taken the time to think about how people are impacted by hard economic times, and have thought about the situation these individuals are in, and have decided to offer their products in a limited scope, to those with poor credit scores. There are two main ways that you can go about getting your new cell phone with poor credit, and either way works, so it’s up to your personal preference. The first thing that you can do is go for a prepaid plan in order to get your new cell phone.

This option is the easiest to actually go out and do, and when you go out and buy a prepaid cell phone plan, you purchase the phone, and then you go on and continually purchase minutes, and this allows you to talk for however many minutes that you purchased. It’s essentially like you are using a debit card, because it only allows you to buy minutes to talk on your phone when you have the cash in your account to go out and buy minutes for the phone. The other option that you have is to go and get a billing plan. This option acts more as a credit card than a debit card, and this means that you can use the card to pay each month for a phone, and the cell phone company that decides to work with you can charge this billing plan each month.

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