“Can I cancel my cell phone contract?” is as well known question for South African consumers. Maybe you don’t need the contract anymore or you can simply not afford it anymore. With a bit of research we have come to the conclusion that you can in fact cancel the contract. In this article I will explain the South African consumer’s rights when it comes to cancelling their mobile contracts.

Thanks to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) of South Africa, we are now allowed to cancel mobile contracts. Now will give some useful information regarding the CPA and how it can help you.

1) It is clear that cell phone companies have to inform you at least 40 days in advance before your contract expires. They may not renew your contract with out your consent.
2) It is important that you know that companies may not change anything in the contract. You should also be able to read the contract in an understandable language which is not too technical for the South African consumer.
3) A contract is not valid unless it is written or explained to you in a manner which you understand.

If you are trying to cancel your contract then it is important that you are aware of these factors. You must inform the network provider 20 working days prior to the cancellation. If you still owe the company money then they are allowed to penalize you only with 10% of the total amount of the contract.

It is also good to know that network providers are not allowed to sell you an airtime voucher that expires within 30 days. They must give you 3 years time before any voucher is expired. It is important that you know your rights as a consumer in South Africa before trying to cancel any contract. The internet has lot’s of websites and forums which can give some additional legal advice.

The best thing is to go to your network provider and ask them about the legal factors when it comes to your contract. You can usually just pay a certain amount and then cancel it. It all depends on your contract and the network provider where you are.

To conclude. It is probably a relief to a lot of us that we know that we are allowed to cancel cell phone contracts. Just make sure that you are armed with the correct info and facts before approaching your network provider.

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