We all know that we cannot go without our cell phones nowadays. It has become part of our modern society. There is one question though that scientists are still trying to figure out, and that is; can a cell phone give you brain cancer? In this article will I explain what scientists have figured out regarding this fact or myth.

According to a recent study from the National Institutes of Health, has it been proven that there are increased activities in the sugar levels of the brain when it has been exposed by more than 50 minutes of cell phone activities. Although the activities show no direct threat, is it still enough to cause awareness.

Another study which has been conducted by the World Health Organization has stated that cell phone radiation is possibly carcinogenic, and is labelled in the same categories as chloroform and lead. One of the biggest studies which has been conducted, called the Interphone Study, has proven that those who use a mobile phone for longer than 30 minutes a day, for longer than ten years, have a much higher chance of getting glioma, which is a malignant brain tumour. We have reason to find these studies alarming, even more when you take in consideration that kids are more likely to develop these illnesses.

Thanks to the development of technology has this been proven to be some sort of a myth, and consumers should not be alarmed with the above mentioned studies. The phone manufacturers of today are forced to take all the necessary steps to avoid all damages which can be caused by cell phone radiation to the human brain. In the US alone is there more than 223 million people with cell phones and the numbers are rising on a daily basis, thus proving that people are not much worried about the rumours.

So the question still remains; can a cell phone produce so much radiation that it can actually give you brain cancer? I would say that we do not have to be much worried about this, because if there is any chance that one can obtain any damages then it will not occur in a normal person’s life time.

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