When you get a product, you always want to make sure that you get a good deal, and that it is worth what you paid for it, and when it comes to cell phones it’s no different. While your first instinct may to be go to your local phone carrier store in South Africa, you need to take a minute and consider the merits of ordering your new cell phone online instead of in person. There are always deals to be found when it comes to ordering your new cell phone online, and there are a few reasons that you’ll find are the reason why you will always find these great deals for cell phones online.

Depending on the cell phone you’re interested in purchasing, it can set you back more than hundreds of dollars, and while this number may seem out of reach for you, it can be made more affordable when you go online to order your phone. Companies like Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Virgin will actually subsidize most of the cost of the cell phone that you want to purchase. And why do you see cell phone companies doing this? This is because they want you to sign up for their wireless plan, and they offer these rebates and discounts to coerce you into doing so. Based on the rebates that they offer you, you may even have the potential to make money off of the cell phone company when you get a new phone.

While you need to make sure that you read all of the fine print and details, you need to not be so afraid of a contract. You’re going to get the absolute best deals with your cell phone when you sign on to a contract with a cell phone company, and this is something that they always offer you online. Depending on the terms of your new contract, you have anywhere from 3-30 days where you can bring back the phone, a time called a “grace period,” and this gives you time to feel out the contract and the phone, so you can make sure that it is right for you to continue on in your contract with the cell phone company you’ve selected.

When you don’t have a set brick and mortar space for your carrier store to worry about, then you have more leeway to offer your products online. This means that you can avoid the lines to pay for the full priced cell phones, and go online instead. And don’t think that you’re going to get completely skimped on customer service. For South African cell phone companies, they do provide online agents that will provide you with any guidance you need, and they can sign you up for your phone, passing on discounts. These agents often get commission for helping you out and bringing in new customers, and this simplifies the process you would experience in a normal cell phone store, generating a savings that they have the potential to pass on to you.

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