We have seen over the past few years that cell phones are not a luxury anymore for kids, but indeed a necessity. Nowadays is it good to know that you can get hold of your kids when they are not around, and they can let you know if they run into some trouble. Whit all the advantages of cell phones and kids, is it of utmost importance that you are an aware of the few drawbacks. In this article will I give some good advice for parents and what they should teach their kids regarding their cell phones.

1) Safety: Kids should know that they should not drive and talk or text on their cell phones. Cell phones and driving are causing a lot of accident on our roads that is why, when you get caught driving and operating your phone, you will receive a hefty fine. It is clear that when driving whilst talking while you are driving, that your concentration is not where it should be. If you are talking on the phone then you are also not using both your hands. This can be very dangerous, especially for kids, who do not have as much driving experience. So please parents, teach your kids about the dangers which are involved whit cell phones, it can save the life of your kid or someone else’s.

2) Manners: We all know that you should teach your kids manners for when they are around family members, friends and any public place. Do you also get frustrated when people are constantly typing or speaking on their phones? Yeah I thought so. You should also teach your kids that there is a time and place for everything. It does not look good when someone is constantly looking at the screen of their cell phone. You should ask if you can quickly be excused, and then quickly finish the conversation. It is the parent’s duty to teach and install rules of when the phone should be on or off. You most likely paid for the phone and are still paying for the bills. It will teach your kids some manners, etiquette and responsibility.

3) To be responsible: Kids should understand that cell phones are expensive, and they are targets for thieves. Kid should look after their phones. I have seen kids who looses their cell phones at least once a month, and that in my eyes, are very irresponsible. Parents should also teach their kids to talk responsible on their phones. Think before you say anything that might sound rude over the phone, everybody does not want to hear what your conversations are about. Kids should also know where to switch their phones off. You are not allowed to have your phone on in a library, airplane, hospital or bank. These rules are there for a reason, and your kids should be aware of them.

The above mentioned, are just a few things which you should teach your kids. You as a parent never had the chance to experience what it is like to have cell phone whilst you are a teenager. So make sure that you educate your on the topic.

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