Telkom Mobile, as a late entrant to the market, was able to leapfrog technology as well as thinking. As a result, their offerings are highly data-centric. There are a number of platforms on which people can make voice over data calls and as applications such as Viber, Skype and WhatsApp become more popular, voice calling as we currently know it becomes less relevant.

They have also tapped into a market we are all familiar with, the family. Families depend and rely heavily on mobile communication for safety and convenience. Telkom Mobile has great plans to accommodate the needs of families that offer great value for money and incredible control and convenience.

FREEme Top up

These plans are designed for those that use data as their primary means of communication and want total control of their monthly spend. There are a number of perks and benefits that come with these deals.
Freeme Topup Telkom Deal

These plans allow for free instant messaging texts and calls (including WhatsApp and Viber). You also get free calls to Telkom Mobile and Telkom landlines as well as free Wi-Fi from more than 5500 hotspots in South Africa.

FREEme Contracts

The same benefits and free services apply as with the top up options but the standard FREEme packages are open ended contracts.

FREEme telkom contracts

Out of bundle costs for both options are:

Voice calls: R0.69/minute (per second billing)
SMS: R.030
Data: R0.29/MB

FREEme Family

These amazing packages offer incredible value for money as well as great convenience and control for families. You get one bill at month end for the entire family and the primary sim card holder can control the allocation for users using USSD codes. You have an option of three packages depending on the size and needs of the family. The deal comes with 4 sim cards and additional sims can be added for a nominal fee. These sims can be used in any device.

Additional benefits include the free Wi-Fi at the more than 5 500 hot spots in the country, free calls to Telkom Mobile numbers and Telkom land lines as well as free WhatsApp text and calls.

FREEme Family deal from Telkom

Telkom Mobile has some innovative offers and for those that use data extensively, there are some options that will offer good value for money. If your usage fits in with their package options or you have a family that uses a lot of data, they are certainly worth considering.

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