Vodacom offer a range of open ended contracts with inclusive voice, data and sms as well as top up contracts for those that want more control over their account. Look at your historical usage to determine which package will suit your needs best. It can look a bit intimidating at first but look at the monthly subscription and see how many minutes or how much airtime value you receive and how much data is included. Look at the out-of-bundle cost of calls and data as well. Remember, you can always add a permanent or temporary data bundle to a package if necessary.

Anytime packages

These are designed mostly for smartphone users who want the freedom to make calls at any time and also use a fair amount of data. With the Red plans, you qualify for premium service and a range of benefits designed to accommodate and reward high spenders. The legacy talk packages would suit those that want good value for money on their voice calls but do not require much data.

Vodacom anytime contracts

Top Up packages

Top Up contracts are ideal for people wanting complete control over their monthly spend while still enjoying the benefits and convenience of a contract. There are two types of top up packages with either inclusive airtime or minutes. Some include data while others do not.

Vodacom Top Up Packages

Ensure you understand the options and make an informed decision. A good consultant will be able to look at your historical usage and be able to advise you on the ideal package. Changing the package during your contract period is difficult and if you move down it can be quite expensive. If you have not previously used a smart phone and move to one, understand that you will use data even if you do not intend to browse or download anything on your phone.

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