This is a question which has been asked for years and despite many years of intense research, there is, unfortunately, no definitive answer on the subject. There have been some studies released, one study on rats and mice. The reports seem to indicate that any inherent risk is a small.

The recent studies of the effects of radiation that cell phones emit were conducted over ten years costing in the region of 25 million dollars and are considered to be the most comprehensive and extensive studies to date.

When it came to the male rats, the studies found and linked tumors in the heart of the male rats to radiation of the cell phones, however, the study found that the problem did not manifest in the female rats or any of the mice.

The rats and mice used were exposed to cell phone radiation for 9 hours per day for a period of two years, this is more exposure than even the most frequent cell phone user is exposed to on a daily basis. A spokesman stated that nearly twenty animal studies on cell phone exposure have been conducted and that the majority have come up negative with cancer.

The FDA issued a statement wherein it says that it had reviewed studies on cell phone safety and had “not found sufficient evidence that there are any adverse health effects in humans caused by exposure at or under the current radio frequency limits”.

Never the less there are concerns about the risk of cancer due to exposure to cell phone radiation and health officials offered some advice to those concerned;

  • Limit the time Spent on the cell phone
  • The use of a cell phone headset or putting the cell phone in speaker mode limiting RF exposure
  •  Avoid making any calls if there is a weak signal
  •  Use texting instead of talking is an option to avoid exposure. Just remember not to text and drive
  •  Different models of phone give of varying levels of RF, some research into the RF of a given cell phone will need to be done.

Most scientists agree that more research needs to be done before any solid evidence can be used for or against the connection between cancer and cell phone RF exposure.

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